All about LMI v02.1

In this post, I will talk about,

  1. What is LMI v02.1?
  2. How to print and cut  LMI v02.1?
  3. LMI v02 Reviews

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A summary of “What’s the difference between v02 and v02.1”

  • The dates in Monthly Calendar line up vertically to match the dates in Weekly Calendar
  • For personal size, the cells in Monthly Calendar is wider. So on the other hand, the cells in Weekly Calendar is shorter.
  • The space that used to have weekly chart is now the extension of Weekly Calendar for weekly meal planning or other purpose.
  • In LMI v02.1, the weekly chart has been separated from the Monthly/weekly calendar page. So you can choose to use or not to use them.
  • References made easy
  • For do2p user, the note pages are not separated into two and the small monthly calendar has been taken out.
  • LMI v02 is no longer available after the launch of v02.1

What is LMI v02.1?

LMI means Life Mapping Inserts. LMI v02 is the inserts I created to be able to have Month, Week, Day all in one glance. And all Life Mapping Inserts have side index bar for color coding to work with Index Page Marker.


Here I will use Personal size LMI v02.1 as an example.

Monthly 2-fold Pages

(For A5 and 5.5″x8.5″, the monthly pages are 1-fold.)

  • This page will always be the 1st page of the month
  • Page front is Monthly Chart
  • Page back has Monthly Calendar and first week’s Weekly Calendar
  • The dates in Monthly Calendar line up vertically  to match the dates in Weekly Calendar
  • But when you turn the calendar anti-clockwise, you are able to use this calendar in traditional horizontal way too.

Weekly Chart Pages


  • In LMI v02.1, you are able to decide to use the weekly chart or not
  • Page front is Weekly Chart which has a small monthly calendar on the top of the page
  • Page back can be used as a To-do or Note Page.

Weekly 1-fold Pages


  • This page will always be the 1st page of the week
  • If you are using Weekly Chart, Weekly Chart goes behind this
  • Page front has a blank page and a To-do/Note page for the week
  • Page back is the Weekly Calendar. It can work alone or work together with Monthly page.

Daily Pages


  • You are able to choose from Day-on-1-Page or Day-on-2-Page
  • There are 24hr Time Stamps on the page and more

Contents pages


  • You can choose to print/use this or not

How to print LMI v02.1

If you have a duplex printer,

  1. Start from page 1 or any odd PDF page.
  2. print actual size but not fit to page.
  3. Be aware of “print double sided” “flip on short edge or longer edge” — these are settings when you duplex.  —- test print 2-4 pages is a must for all 3 PDFs.

If you do NOT have duplex printer, 

  1. Step 1 – print Contents Pages
    • print on letter or A4
    • Print instructions are provided in the file
    • Cuttings lines are provided in the file
  2. Step 2 – print Monthly, Weekly, Daily Pages & Weekly Charts

    • print on letter or A4  (please follow the file name)
    • Test print first 4 pages to make sure everything is fine is a must for first timer.
    • Page scale “None” or “100%”
    • Print all the ODD pages on one side of paper.
    • Check “REVERSE pages” in the printer’s setting
    • Print all the EVEN pages on the other side of the paper
      (Please be aware of the direction when you put the paper back into the tray. Please test print, if you are not sure)
    • Page order Front/Back = odd page/odd page+1
      I always receive questions about “why my front and back pages didn’t match?” This is the reason, your page order is wrong.

 How to cut

LMI v02 Reviews

Please note that there’re some difference between v02 and v02.1

Personal size – by Carie

Personal size – by Bridgett

A5 – by Nadine

5.5″x8.5″ – by Nikki

5.5″x8.5″ – by Alexis

Thank you ladies<3


Check LMI v02.1 out now~




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