How to use the pentagons on some of Life Mapping pages?

Pentagons can be found on some of Life Mapping (TM) Pages.  How to use them? Here are some examples,




From Pinky Aguirre
They are basically a check list system in mini size..
For example if u drink ur daily intake of water color a triangle.
If u exercise that day color in a triangle.
If u finish all that was on ur daily todo list color a triangle..
Instead of check marking a box u color a triangle.
And as the different comments above u can use them to help u remember things u would like to get done that day..
I personally always forget to do all the tasks I have written on my weekly/monthly chart so when I see those triangles I remember to go see if any of those tasks need to be done and Voila I earned a colored triangle
But u can even use them like the cups say if u drink 1 cup of water color 1 triangle if u drink 2 then color 2 and so on

From Samantha Samarei Morgan
I decided to use these to track my pomodoro technique sessions. If you dont know what that is essential its taking a focused amount of time, usually 25 mins, and focusing on a project without distractions (like email, phone, text…etc) this helps me be productive. I use this at home and work. I will color each triangle for each session and different colors based on if it was work…home…etc.

From Pinky Aguirre
I love this.
I am going to track my water, exercise, calendar syncing, and monthly/weekly charts with these instead of happiness levels and childs homework…
I always forget to check my monthly& weekly charts.. So those lil triangles will help me remember to check those daily

Deb Quilts These are new to me too – I’m starting with my 5 using 1 for water, one for caffeine, one for creative projects, one for health and the last one as a “grade” for my day/mood.

Elise Seitz I use one for my morning cleaning routine, one for meds, one for veggies (supposed to be two) and one for exercises.

Kimberly B Stone I need about 10 glasses of water a day optimally so I will use 2 for water, 2 for medication (AM/PM), 1 for prayer, 1 for exercise, 1 for writing and 1 for cleaning up.

Laura Milazzo I do a load a day of laundry and track the various steps that I complete for that load throughout the day. Here are my steps and process in case anyone is interested:
Sort (first am task is to pull a load together)
Wash (put load in the washer, use time delay start, if out)
Dry (after home, put washed laundry in dryer)
Fold (after dinner fold laundry)
Put away (before bed)



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