Ideas how to use LMI v5s2

In this article, let’s talk about ideas how to use Life MappingTM v5s2 weekly foldouts.


LMI v5s2 is good for note taking, managing a small team (or family members), house chores planning and managing small projects, etc.

  1. The most common way to use v5s2 is as below,
  2. But many users may have more than one project (house chores, work, study etc) or a team  to manage. You may consider to divide the weekly calendar into columns, and assign these columns to different categories,
  3. Another way to use v5s2 to manage more than one project and/or a team is to mark the hours of a day horizontally on s2 wkly calendar,

This is when monthly foldout, daily and weekly foldout all-in-one-glance.

In v5, the weekly chart is on the back of the weekly calendar, so when you fold the wkly chart to front, you are able to write your daily page and check to-do list.v5s2_wklychart

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