Life Mapping Inserts that work for both Filofax pocket size binder and MTN passport size

I love pocket size binders and MTN passport size because they are handy, cozy and cute. When I design inserts for pocket size binders, I realized that this size is actually very close to Midori passport notebooks. After several rounds of testing. I’ve designed some inserts that can be used in Filofax Pocket size Binders as well as MTN Passport Notebook.  In this post, I would like to share with you the pocket size day-on-2-page with LM Clock.


The PDFs have been laid in bookbinding order which if you cut & separate the pages, they can be used in Filofax Pocket; if you cut & fold the pages, they can be used in MTN Passport. Each PDF will form one booklet.

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Print and cut instructions — click here.

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