LM-Hyperdex, a new time visualization tool to Life Mapping™ System

Good day! As promised, I have an exciting news to announce – Life Mapping™ System is having the very first cooperation with another great design. Together we are launching a new time visualization tool that made specially for — and only for — the Life Mapping™ System.

How did this happen and what is that?

Back to August, I found a very interesting Korean Agenda in a small stationery shop in Singapore. Other than it’s cute Korean style illustrations, I saw this
Yes, this is a clock but with 24 hours on it. This was used in many Korean style agendas for quite some years, but until this August, it caught my attention. I have been thinking about how to creating a new Life Mapping™ Clock which need to be more straightforward and easy to use. But my thoughts were boxed in a 12 hours circle which lead to a day would need 2 circles to accomplish. Far too complicated to me and these will take too many spaces on my inserts too. How if I break the box and use a 24hr clock?

Right after I reached my computer, I created the LM-Clock version 2. (LM-clock v1 is a free downloadable that you can find here)

I have tested this for around 3 weeks and created 2 kinds of LM-Clock v2 — The regular size LM-Clock v2 with 4 rings for smaller size inserts and large size LM-Clock v2 with 6 rings for A5 and half-letter size inserts. After that, I announced my new design in Life Mapping Community Facebook Group.

Now comes the most important moment. The next day, after I announced the LM-Clock v2, I received a message from Maryanne. She showed me that she has created a 24hr Hyperdex back to Nov 2013 and she like the design of my LM-Clock v2 too. Here is Hyperdex.
I love the fact that Hyperdex has the lines of 24-hour go through all the rings, so why not we two designers work together to create something greater?

Today, I can proudly present to you the LM-Hyperdex, a new time visualization tool that made specially for — and only for — the Life Mapping™ System by Maryanne and fish.

What’s special about LM-Hyperdex?

  1. 24-HOUR CIRCLE. One LM-Hyperdex stands for one day which is straight forward and easy to use.
  2. Regular size LM-Hyperdex which is used in personal, pocket, MTN inserts/booklet etc has 4 rings and large size LM-Hyperdex that is used in A5, half-letter size inserts/booklet etc has 6 rings;
  3. 12am, 6am, 12pm and 6pm are marked with dark guide lines; 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm are market with light grey guide lines

How to use?

I have created “LM DS3 Pages” specially for LM-Hyperdex. (DS3 = Daily page Style3)


You can use the 4/6 rings for different projects, family members and/or different categories.

If you do not have many things to plan and track, you can ignore the rings which have light grey outlines and use 2/3 rings like this


Thank you!



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