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If you have been following my Etsy shop, you might notice that I have just listed our very first physical product, the LM-Hyperdex Stamps Set. A big thank you to my partner,  friend and the creator of Hyperdex, Maryanne Moll.

Each LM-Hyperdex Stamps Set includes 2 stamps.
The measurement of small LM-Hyperdex stamp is around 40mm x 40mm and the measurement of big LM-Hyperdex stamp is around 51mm x 51mm. These are photopolymer stamps that can be used in different size Life Mapping Inserts.

You will need acrylic blocks to use them.

After many rounds of testing, I decided not to cut the stamps into circle but square. This is because the photopolymer is stretchable and can be distorted easily when you stick it on acrylic. When you use the big LM-Hyperdex Stamp, you can align it’s edges with guidelines on the acrylic.


When you use the small LM-Hyperdex Stamp, you can hold the corners to align the center lines of the stamp with the guidelines on the acrylic without touch the embossed parts of the stamp.

Since the 4 corners of the stamps are just for you to hold and adjust, the texture of these is not very smooth but a bit rough. Please understand.

Here is how I use the small LM-Hyperdex stamp,

Some examples,

This is how I used the large LM-Hyperdex in my MTN DS1 day-on-1-page


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