LMI V02 Add-On | LM Clock

Clock is our everyday time tracking tool. Base on clock system and inspired from Chronodex and Spiraldex. I created my LM Clock. I hope that this small tool can help you manage your time well. So here is a small surprise for you – LMI V02 Add-On – LMclock.



IMPORTANT notes --If you've download the PDFs with Spiraldex from my site previously,
Please kindly delete them and use LMclock instead due to copyright issue. Thank you.

All the downloads here are for you to print on the ready made pages directly. Which means, if you have LMI V02 in personal size. Print and cut your pages, then print the “print_on_personal—LMIv02—LMclock” on personal size LMI V02 inserts directly.

Here are the downloads~




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