LMI V02 Add-On | Weekly Meal Planner

Hi lovely ladies, here I have another useful add-on for you my V02 user – The Weekly Meal Planner.




And this time I added in colors too!


As usual, these add-ons are for you to print on the ready made LMI V02 pages directly. Which means, if you have LMI V02 in personal size. Print and cut your pages, then print the “add-ons” on personal size LMI V02 inserts directly.

Print them on the page right after weekly one-fold page and the page right after monthly two-fold page ~


According to different kind of printer you are using, the alignment of the add-ons on the original page may not be 100% perfect. But I’ve put in a lot of thoughts to make it look as natural and pretty as possible ~


Here are the downloads ~



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