My 2015 Planner Setup

I have been in my 2015 setup for almost a month and archived my 2014 planner book yesterday.

My Books :)
Book of 2015

In 2014, I have tried many different sizes from pocket, A6, Personal to Midori Standard. It’s fun to explore different sizes and see if they fit. But when I have to archive them, it became a kind of pain because they are uneven. So I decided I have to stick to one size in 2015 which is personal size.  Other than the size, there are several changes of my 2015 planning too. First, I bought a Van der Speck Touch Me Standard in Jan with 30mm rings. It has soft and robust leather and functional pockets.

Since I now have a 30mm rings binder, I can put many inserts in it.

In 2015, I am using 6 main sections

  1. Gratitude Notes;
  2. Planner –
    1. LMI Small Project Management (SPM) Section;
    2. LMI Diary Section with LMI v3 monthly calendar and DS1 do2p;
  3. Year Planner;
  4. Notes;
  5. Novel;
  6. Others.

All confirmed events will be written in SPM. Work/projects related timeline planning, schedule and to-dos will be broken down into details in SPM too. Project related information/notes will not be written in SPM but on daily pages or note pages because I will only keep used SPM pages for 6 to 12 month. After that these pages will be threw away.
I use SPM to keep myself focus. No fancy paper, washi tape, complicated notes but time line, to-do list, deadlines. On top of that I am using Mechanical Pomodoro on my iPhone.

To use SPM is my prefer which you may not follow. You can use v2.2 weekly fold pages and weekly charts to achieve these too. For me, I took out the weekly pages and added SPM to work with LMI v3 monthly calendars and DS1 day-on-2-page.

On Monthly chart, I am tracking happiness, exercise, reading etc.


The monthly calendar page is for my sons’ school schedules, friends and family events, my achievements of the month and monthly notes/review.

I journal everything on daily pages.


At the end of year, my monthly and daily pages will be archived.



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