Philofaxy All Star Guest Post – How to Create Your Own Inventory of Ink Pads

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer. I blog over at and do a number of videos on YouTube.  I am so happy to have been given the chance to guest post for the Philofaxy All Star Tour 2013 here on DIYfish. Since Fish loves DIY tutorials, I though it would be great to share how I keep a catalog of my Ink Pads.

How to Create Your Own Inventory of Ink Pads

As an avid papercrafter, I have collected a big amount of ink pads throughout a period of time. One has to wonder, how do you keep track of them? What system do you use to keep inventory of so many different varieties of ink pads. How do you prevent yourself from purchasing duplicate crafting items. Here is how I stay organized with my ink pads.

I knew I wanted to create some sort of booklet or binder. Something that was portable enough so that I could bring it with me when I go to the store to purchase items. I love cataloging things this way because I can easily find what I am looking for this way and I can see it all laid out in front of me. I had a small collection of SMASH books sitting on my shelf, and was wondering how to put them to use. SMASH books are bound notebooks which can be used as journals. You can SMASH or stick anything into this book. So, I figured why not SMASH my ink pad swatches in it.

Photo 1

Most companies provide swatches of all the colors of ink pads they produce. So, you can keep track of what you have and what you don’t have. Ranger has even created PDF files for printable labels so you can easily organize your ink pads as well as swatch charts. You can find them here: Ranger Ink Pad Lavel Sheets

Photo 2

You can also download free printables from She has created these great forms and charts for cataloging your various ink pads.

Here is how I have used her printables for my various types of ink pads. I have printed these printables on white cardstock. You will also need a small solid stamp. I have chosen a rubber heart stamp. Choosing a solid stamp creates a solid image which gives you a better representation of the ink color. Then, grab your ink pads and either a binder or booklet (in my example I am using a SMASH book).

Photo 3

When you are done, it should look something like this:

Photo 4

Once dried, I glued the printable sheet into the SMASH book. Then, I labeled each page by brand with Martha Stewart NoteTabs and my Brother P-Touch label maker with clear tape.

Photo 5

I hope this will help you stay organized with your ink pads and has given you some ideas on how to keep a catalog of your own crafting products. Thanks again Fish for the opportunity to be on your blog.

-Jennifer Reyes

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**The printables I have use in this tutorial are from Kat’s Scrappy, Bloggy Life – and Ranger –


Thank you Jennifer!
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