“Stop Duplicating Your Schedule” in Life Mapping System

In this post I would like to share how I avoid “duplicating” when I am using Life Mapping Inserts. I will use LMI version 2 as an example. With LMI v2, you can have your month, week and day all in one glance. (For more information about LMI v2, please check here.) It can be bored and a waste of time if you write everything down in monthly calendar and then write again in weekly calendar and daily pages. Why you repeat everything again and again when you already have everything at one glance? The common answer I get is “I worried I will miss out something if I do not repeat them in every single pages.”So how to avoid this and make your LMI more effective?

“Stop Duplicating Your Schedule”
Assign each section with it’s own unique mission

In my planner,

  • Monthly calendars are for future planning, events, appointments;
  • Weekly calendars are for to-do lists;
  • Daily pages are for tracking, following, recording, writing journals

I plan my month ahead,

  1. Fill in fixed events. E.g. Holidays, school holidays.
  2. Plan appointments, events on Tracing Film. So I no need to worry if there are changes.
    You can click to enlarge the images and have a close look. The details of the appointment are written in the “Reminders” area. The black numbers in the shapes are dates.
  3. After every week, I will cut the Tracing Film of that week off and fill in what I did in the calendar.

I use my weekly calendars only for To-dos and 365 list. After every month, I will either threw these weekly pages away or keep them separately just for 365 List. I do not need to see my to-dos that have been finished any more.


Daily pages are the most important component in my LMI. I use them to track and record my days as well as write  journal in these pages. So my planner is not only to get myself ready for all kinds of future appointments, works, it is also a perfect memory keep journal.




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