Doodle with Month-On-1-Page

I love paper planners and like to watch and chat with people who have the same passion. I admire how Tracy crazysuburbanmom filled her monthly calendar cell with pretty water colors (click here). Because I still need my  full month calendar for planning, I designed a month-on-one-page to do daily cell drawing.   The page is undated an plain so you can decorate it by yourself. Here is the download       Life Mapping - Get Organized, Get Creative fish Life Mapping Community Facebook Group Etsy Blog IG  


Haohao’s doodles

Today I would like to talk about my son Xihao. I am very proud of him. Maybe you will say, of course since you are his mother and he is your son. But, let me show you some doodles that he did when he was 6 years old 1st.   Isn't this amazing? I was inspired. So I turned these doodles into DOODLE! I just want to say, "Hao, mummy love you so much and mummy is very proud of you!"