Tutorial No. 12 – A Folding Kanban Productive System

I watched mysummertouch’s YouTube Video “Personal Kanban Productivity System in my FILOFAX” last week. I did not know what was Kanban Productive System before. But after I watched that YT video, I fell in love with it. It’s a great video, you must check out.

I don’t like to flip front and back to check what need to do, what is ready to be done etc. So I created my Folding Kanban System with everything in one glance.


I am using this to make my Folding Kanban System ~
But you can use any plastic file folders. With or without color is depend on you. You can use paper card too. I choose colored one because I want my Kanban System to stand out from the rest of the inserts in my binder. So it can be more efficient.

Use one of my V02 2-fold page as a guideline to mark the plastic ~ (you can use 1 fold page as a guideline if you only need 1-fold)

Cut them out ~
I use the blue sheet for To-DO & Ready, pink sheet for Doing and Done.

Fold and punch holes ~

I used Washi tapes to mark them ~

Looks good ~

Bbelow is when I close my binder~

Hope I can be more productive with this system.


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