Tutorial No. 13 – To-Do Board for Filofax

In Week 9 Weekly Chit Chat, I mentioned that I decided to use the dashboard of my Filofax as a To-Do board instead of just a pretty cover. It works and I never regret that I made this change. Last week when I had some spare time, I re-arranged my dashboard as below to make it neater and prettier.

before & after


There are 3 parts in total to form my current dashboard: (images are clickable)



Part “1” is a clear fly leaf (you may click here to find out how to make your own flyleaf and page marker)
Part “2” need to be wider so you can flip it easily.



Part “3” was made from cardstock. I chose a pretty yet simple patent so it won’t fight with my to-do list.





I am using sticky flags to write down my To-Dos and stick on the 2nd part of my dashboard.


On the back of part”2″ are my lovely family photos or you may use that space for your shopping list or another to-do list.

By the way, I’ve stopped using Kanban System since I moved my to-do list to the very front of my Filofax. Although Kanban can make me focus but I still prefer to see all my to-dos on one page.



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