Tutorial No.7 – Filofax Divider Page DIY

I’ve designed some divider pages with Tea Time Theme which you can check out here. And here is the step by step how to make the divider with my designs. I have a bonus for you too ~


Taglines were inspired by Amy Dortch Weimann. Hope you like them. Below is the download link~
Please kindly “LIKE” my Facebook page before download. Thank you <3

How to print

  1. There are 2 sides;
  2. Print both sides on a white A4 thick Card; (Do NOT check “Fit to print”)
  3. If your printer can not print thick card, please click here.

This is the print out ~

There are tabs all around the design. You of course won’t need all of these tabs. Cut those you don’t want away and leave only one ~


Punch holes on them ~

022 023

And it’s done! So simple right?

025 026

If your printer can not print thick card~

You can print the design on normal A4 paper. Print both sides (Do NOT check “Fit to print”). After that, please cut away all the tags because they are too soft to use. You need,

  1. a clear pocket to protect the divider;
  2. tabs.

Peel the paper off  the tab. We only need the self stick transparent tab. You can use Lighter Fluid to clean the sticky glue.

029 031

Put the paper divider into the clear pocket and stick the transparent tab on the pocket.


Choose some stickers you like to decorate the divider ~







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