Week 3– Color Coding & Index – Life Mapping Weekly Chit Chat

My January Calendar is now very crowded .


I plan, I record, but these do not mean I wanna everything to be searchable in future. Normally I would like only my important events, kids’ milestones, book/movie reviews to be searchable.  So I use color coding & Index Page Marker , with which I am able to write wherever I like on the inserts. Then I will put my color code beside those special notes/to-dos/journal, and fill that color code in the side bar.


Purple in my color code stands for my hobbies. I watched “Awakening” on 17 Jan. To make this searchable, I draw a purple icon beside my movie review and then draw the same purple icon in the side Index Bar.


I have some very important things which were coded in PINK that need to be done everyday from 18 to 27 Jan. In daily pages, I will mark the things down beside the time stamp and then mark it in Side Index Bar to make this searchable.


And here is my 30/365 list for Week 3

I started journaling from 2011 end of year. These are what I have till end of 2013. ️

//Inserts I was using  – LMI v02.1/Monday start 2014/DO1p/for Personal
//Binder I was using – Filofax Aqua Malden Personal

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