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It is good if you are able to handle everything with only one planner. At least I love to do so. Life Mapping Inserts V02.1 is designed for this so you will have enough room and space to plan/track/record your work and personal life all together. Then the question appears, will that be too overwhelming and how to concentrate on what we need to do every week/everyday?

Here are the simple steps to help you out ~

  1. Write down your To-Do list of the week on Weekly one-fold page as showed below when you plan your week;
  2. Start with “Must to be Done List” (let’s call this List 1). Write down List 1 on your page directly with pen;
  3. Write your “To-Do” list on Sticky Flags and stick them below your “Must to be Done List” (let’s call this list 2);
  4. Close your binder like this, so your List will stick out to catch your attention ~
  5. Concentrate on List 1
  6. Wipe out 0r take the sticky flag out when you done.
  7. You suppose to finish List 1 by the end of the week
  8. Move the undone items from List 2 to next week

I am using DO1P in week 4 and here is how I expand my daily page.


I took photos everyday especially for my kids. They are growing up too fast. I will lay the photos on A5 with photoshop, print them out and cut, paste on my daily pages 1- 3 times a week.


My Week 4 is fantastic.


//Inserts I was using  – LMI v02.1/Monday start 2014/DO1p/for Personal
//Binder I was using – Filofax Aqua Malden Personal

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