Week 6 – Archiving & Searching II – Life Mapping Weekly Chit Chat

Good day!  Do you know, we now have our very first Facebook Group — DIYFish Life Mapping Community! — that created and managed by Danielle L. Paulson. It is a community based group of planner enthusiast of the Life Mapping planning system! This community was created as a resource for users of the system, whether it be printing, cutting, decorating, and more — Really appreciate Danielle <3.


We all know that the more pages we have, the more challenging the search could be. Last week I talked about how the Year Planner and Contents pages help in searching. Today I will concentrate on how to archive and search through Monthly/Weekly/Daily pages. I found out 2 different ways to do that. 

The first method is suitable for those whose monthly and weekly pages play main roles in their LMI v02.1.

  • Open all the folding pages and fold one whole month together
    like this,
  • Your used/archived pages will look like this — each month will have it’s own stand alone group.
  • To search, open one month and search through the weekly pages (for more details, please check Week 5 Chit Chat)

Method 2 is for you to search through all the Monthly, Weekly as well as Daily inserts from LMI v02.1.

  • Fold and arrange the pages like this and you are able to use the Side Index bar to search.
  • By this method, you will have months of loose pages. I suggest you to label your months and weeks.

In Week 6, my younger boy got high fever till weekend. I was so worried but thankfully he is now fully recovered.

Here is my 365/30 list

Goodbye my dear Week 6

//Inserts I was using  – LMI v02.1/Monday start 2014/DO1p/for Personal
//Binder I was using – Filofax Aqua Malden Personal

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