Week 7 & 8 – Highlight – Life Mapping Weekly Chit Chat

In week 7 and 8,  I would like to talk about “Highlight”. Before I start, here is the link to the “Life Mapping Community” Facebook group. This community was created to allow users of this system the opportunity to learn new things, show and tell or for those members not familiar with “life mapping” to learn all about it.

The stationery I was using,


From right to left, they are:


  • “FriXion light” highlighters that match my color coding — I choose this brand because this is the only brand I know that will not bleed through my inserts
  • Sticky Arrows in Neon color — I chose a color that is very different from my color coding. My photo shows the arrows are in orange but they are actually in neon red-orange.
  • Sticky Flags that match my color coding

3 “Sticky Arrows” were used to point out “TODAY” in monthly view, weekly view and daily view. And I am using “Sticky flags” to point to the important contents that I would like to highlight.

Because I am using my LM System to track everything which includes family stuffs, my own stuffs, my work, my kids’ school schedules and husband’s schedules (very little, because he has his MTN), I realized that the way I am using my Feb monthly calendar is still not clear enough. I decided to use more of my highlighters in March,
I am using FriXion Ball Slim to do future planning because they are erasable.

Another change I made to my setup is I’ve moved the monthly tags from top to side. I must say that Monthly tags at the side is more convenient to flip through.


My Week 7

Valentine’s day setup (Valentine’s day add-on)


365/30 List week 7

Week 8 365/30 List
Because I am sick since week 8, I didn’t color my drawings.
//Inserts I was using  – LMI v02.1/Monday start 2014/DO1p/for Personal
//Binder I was using – Filofax Aqua Malden Personal

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