Week 9 – Dashboard, Sections & Tabs – Life Mapping Weekly Chit Chat

I’ve made some changes to all my ring binders’s dashboards. It’s pain to me because I hand drew my dashboards and they are pretty but they affected my productivity everyday.

My dashboards (before) — pretty as a cover but they have no use to me other than put my name on them.
dashboard_personal_before dashboard_pocket_before

When I go shopping with my pocket Filo, it’s a pain to flip my pages and to locate my shopping list. I insisted to not stick my shopping list on my dashboard because I didn’t want to cover my pretty covers. Sounds silly, but I did this for years.  So finally, last week, I can not stand this any more and I turned my dashboard into my tasks list board in Personal ~

Shopping list board in Pocket ~


If I wanna see my pretty covers, then fast finish all the tasks and take away the sticky notes!

We have a lot of talented Life Mapping System users in the Facebook Group — Life Mapping Community and on Instagram. I’ve learnt so many great things from them to become more organized and effective. Even if you are not using LM System, I will recommend you to join the group and check out how they organize their binders/arc/MTN/etc. After so many inspirations from them, I rearranged my sections and tabs ~
tabs_top tabs_side&bottom

My binders are now more effective than pretty.

//Binder I was using – Filofax Aqua Malden Personal; Filofax Aqua Malden Pocket; Filofax Amazona Pocket

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